Course Open
The Astor Salver

The Astor Salver is a 36-hole event for leading Amateur Lady golfers of 7 handicap or better played over both courses, on June 7th, 2017.

The 2017 entry form is now available - see link below.

This year, The PGA are assisting us with the scoring and management of the Astor Salver. 

Please see below for the relevant links or alternatively please call the office on 01344 621495


 2017 Entry Form


 2017 Health & Media Permission Form


  The 2017 Results


 2017 -  CSS 

Red - 75 am and pm

Blue 73 am and pm



Honours Board

Again, there is a distinguished list of Lady Golfers on the Honour Board.

2017 Lily May Humphreys
2016 Dulcie Sverdloff
2015 Sophie Keech
  Dulcie Sverdloff
2014 Sophie Keech
2013 Lauren Taylor
2012 Hayley Davis
2011 Miss C Ellis
Miss R Lewis
2010 Miss H Burke
2009 Miss W Hillier
2008 Miss E Brown
2007 Miss E Bennett
2006 Miss E Duggleby
2005 Miss C Court
2004 Miss F Johnson
2003 Miss K Smith
2002 Abandoned
2001 Miss E Pilgrim
2000 Miss C Court
Miss K Taylor
1999 Abandoned
1998 Miss R Morgan
1997 Mrs J Lamb
1996 Miss S Gallagher
1995 Miss J K Oliver
1994 Ms J J Downie
Mrs S Lambert
Miss M Sutton
1993 Mrs S Lambert
1992 Miss L Walton
1991 Miss E J Smith
1990 Mrs J Hall
Miss J L Morley
1989 Miss S Sutton
1988 Mrs J Thornhill
1987 Mrs V Thomas
1986 Miss C A Pierce
Mrs J E Bayman
1985 Miss H Wadsworth
1984 Mrs J E Bayman
1983 Mrs J E Bayman
1982 Abandoned
1981 Mrs W J Uzielli
1980 Miss J Lock
1979 Miss J A Greenhalgh
1978 Miss D M Everard
1977 Mrs W J Uzielli
1976 Miss H D Clifford
1975 Mrs J R Thornhill
1974 Mrs C Barclay
1973 Miss L Denison-Pender
Mrs W J Uzielli
1972 Mrs J R Thornhill
1971 Mrs W J Uzielli
1970 Miss B A Whitehead
1969 Miss J A Greenhalgh
1968 Miss D M Everard
1967 Miss D M Everard
1966 Mrs M F Bonallack
1965 Mrs M Spearman
1964 Mrs M Spearman
1963 Miss Ruth Porter
1962 Miss Ruth Porter
1961 Mrs M F Bonallack
1960 Mrs M F Bonallack
1959 Miss E Price
1958 Mrs M F Bonallack
1957 Miss A Ward
1956 Mrs J A Barton
Miss E Price
1955 Miss E Price
1954 Miss Jean Donald
1953 Miss Jeanne Bisgood
1952 Miss Jeanne Bisgood
1951 Miss Jeanne Bisgood